No silly, not that kind. Just some kitty love with a frisky male tabby named Hank. There was a full moon this past weekend and Hank’s dad told me that Hank was very sensitive to full moons and usually extra frisky.



Hank loves to chase his small rubber balls down the hallway of his home and will also go after a red laser light for as long as I care to entertain him. He will respond to any tease toy, even a simple piece of cording. Once he starts playing with me everything is a toy to him, even my fingers (ouch). My solution is to get my hugs and kisses and all the petting he wants, out of the way when I first arrive. After that its a high energy play session until its time for me to leave.

It turned out the full moon didn’t have the same effect on him as they have had in the past. This time around he was a bit more subdued. While he still chased his ball and any tease toy I proffered, he was also willing to let me pet him throughout my visit.

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