When I had cats of my own I went through a period of trying different types of scratching “posts” to see what would work best. A lot of scratching posts are either entirely or partially covered with carpeting. This became a problem when I moved to my condo where one of the rooms had carpeting on the floor. Not only would the cats scratch the post, but they would also scratch the carpeting on the floor of my office.

Turbo Scratcher

Turbo Scratcher

Eventually I found the Turbo Scratcher. I bought it primarily as a scratching post, but my cats loved to play with the ball that circled the cardboard insert. Electra would sit down in the center of the cardboard circle and bat the ball around with her paws, and Orie who was twice her size would position himself in a way similar to the cat in the picture. Eventually he tired of this game, but she would go to it every so often.

Orie was a bathtub lover from the time he was a kitten. In the first apartment we lived in together he used to jump into the wet bathtub as soon as I finished my shower. I would step out, he would hop in. I don’t remember him using the bathtub in my next apartment but it wasn’t porcelain, just a one piece plastic tub and wall covering thingy. In my current apartment I have a porcelain bath tub once again. He loved the tub here in the summer. It was cool against his fur. When he was still agile enough he would hop in the tub to cool off and even spend the night. Later on after being diagnosed with diabetes, he preferred to sit on the tile floor with his back against the outside of the tub. It is for him that I wish I had seen this post about The Best Cat Game Ever a few years ago. I can picture him hopping in the tub and batting around a bead or ball to his heart’s content, and probably keeping me up at night LOL. Since I can no longer play it with him, I’m hoping you’ll play it with your kitties.

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