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The Hanukkah Delectable Dozen from Pretzables

The Hanukkah Delectable Dozen from Pretzables

So here are some of my picks for edible gifts this season Edible gifts are great for the person who has everything or can afford to buy themselves anything they want. While not always inexpensive, edible gifts can be a way to give a nice gift inexpensively. A couple of rules I try to adhere to when buying edible gifts:

Allergies – make sure the recipient isn’t allergic to the gift you want to send. Nuts is an obvious allergy to watch out for, but there are others like bananas, lobsters and other types of fish, to name a few.

Dietary Restrictions – is the recipient lactose intolerant, diabetic, on a low salt or low fat diet? You’ll want to be sure before sending treats that can’t be enjoyed.

Religious Restrictions – sending ham to a kosher person would be a no no.

Unique or Desired – I always like to send something I know the recipient will really like. If I don’t know what someone’s favorites are then I will try to send something unique.

So here are some of my picks for edible gifts this holiday season:

Many years ago a friend who at one time had lived in Kansas City, introduced me to Wolferman’s English muffins. She used to bring them home to Boston when she traveled, or ordered them through their catalog. Eventually I found them locally in DeLuca’s. The selection was a bit small, but enough to make me happy. Once when my parents came to visit I had them on hand. My father was notoriously hard to shop for and gifts of food always went over well, so that year I send an assortment of English muffins for him and my mother to enjoy at home in New York. Wolferman’s is no longer in Kansas City but in Ohio, now owned by Harry & David. The assortment of muffins has grown and now includes lower calories versions for the weight conscious. They also offer assorted gift baskets that include jams, scones and other delights including Harry & David’s Royal Riviera Pears.

Speaking of Harry & David, I have had occasion to order from this catalog as well. The first time I sent pears to a neighbor who had been helpful through out the year. The next time a sent a decadent chocolate layer cake to my cousin’s house for Thanksgiving, and the third time I sent an assortment of figs to my mother for mother’s day. I don’t see the chocolate layer cake or the figs in this year’s holiday catalog, but there is still plenty of mouth watering treats to choose from.

If fruit is your thing and you want something that’s delicious as well as delightful to look at then consider a festive gift basket from Edible Arrangements. In addition to online ordering, you may be able pick up your gift at a local store.

Another food catalog I really like is the one from Stonewall Kitchen. Here in Massachusetts we used to have a Stonewall Kitchen store in teh Chestnut Hill mall, but alas it is no more. Year round I can easily find a selection of their salad dressings and jams in stores in Boston, but when it comes to putting together a foodie gift its to the web site I go. I have a cousin who used to make homade marmalade and jams to give family members at the holidays. When she stopped doing this, my mother mentioned that she missed the marmalade. So its Stonewall Kitchens to the rescue with its Lemon Pear, Orange Cranberry and Tangerine  marmalades. Of course they also have a wide variety of other sweet and savory delights for your palette.

A food gift that I would never buy for myself (a wicked indulgence), but thoroughly enjoyed receiving and eating was a box of ultimate pretzels from Pretzables. Each pretzel was like a meal, especially the one covered in miniature M&Ms. Note – Its not even December and some treats are already sold out.

So there you have some of my picks for edible gifts for the holiday season. If not for others, then maybe an edible gift for yourself?

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