The Patient: Oscar

The Patient: Oscar

This week I was asked to medicate a cat that I have been caring for several days a week since last October.  Oscar is one of six cats. He is the biggest – weighing in at about 17 lbs., and the friendliest of the group. In fact he is very friendly, the most affectionate with myself, his owner and the other cats. He serves as the big brother even though he is not the oldest cat.

When his owner told me his vet had provided clavamox for a persistent cough I thought no problem, Oscar’s a sweetie and should be a cinch to medicate. His owner warned me that I was about to see another side of Oscar this week.

It seems that Oscar doesn’t care for the taste of clavamox. His first instinct when he saw me with the syringe was to run in the opposite direction.  Because he doesn’t scratch and bite, I was able to scoop him up in my arms with little difficulty. I then set him on a chair with a solid back and sides and sat in front of him. This placed him between myself and the back of the chair. You can also set the cat between your hip and the arm of a sofa. You need to sit close enough to the cat so there’s no room for it to escape. I then tilted his head back by lifting his chin and pressed the syringe filled with medicine against the rear side of his mouth. He voluntarily opened his mouth and SQUIRT, in went the medicine.

Another useful technique that I used when I needed to test my diabetic cat’s blood, was to sit with him on the floor and wrap my legs around him. Orie would rest his front paws on my thigh while I rubbed and then pricked his ear with the lancet. This works really well on the average size cat. If a cat is on the small side your legs may be too long, making too large a circle to contain the cat.  A larger cat may be able to escape your “leg hold” easily as well.

So these are my techniques for medicating an uncooperative feline, what’s yours?

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