Okay so now that the digital divide has been crossed and analog TV is no longer, how did it all turn out? For those with cable or satellite service, did you notice any difference? What about those using converter boxes and antennas?

Here in Boston I have been using two different converter  boxes with two Toshiba televisions of very different vintages, and two different types of antennas. One antenna is the plain old rabbit ears that came with my television, the other is a Radio Shack antenna that I bought years ago when I first got cable and it would occasionally cut out on me. The antenna was my back up so I wouldn’t be without television all together at those times. It has a switch that flips between UHF and VHF, and a dial along with it’s rabbit ears.

So today when I turned on my television, the first thing I noticed was that NBC and ThisTV were no longer there.  I had my converter box rescan for signals to see if these stations would pop up on different channels – they did not. I went downstairs to check my other television (with the better antenna) and after a few minutes of fiddling I got ThisTV and eventually NBC to come in.  That told me that my problem upstairs was with the antenna. I took the better antenna upstairs and with a bit of fiddling was able to get these stations to come in. The rabbit ears on the Radio Shack antenna have a wider range of motion and give me a setup I can’t achieve with the standard set of rabbit ears that had come with my older television. I also have difficulty with RTV (Retro Television Network), a new network that popped up recently on channel 62. I can get this station now but have to fiddle with the dial on the antenna to do so.

All in all, this is less satisfactory than before. Before today I could tune in all my stations  on both televisions without adjusting the antenna when I changed channels. Now I don’t get NBC and ThisTV on my bedroom television, and I have to adjust the antenna on my living room television if I want to watch something on RTV.  I suspect that soon I will tire of this and will upgrade my television so I can stream programs on demand via the internet. So how did all of you make out?

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