Many cities have pooper scooper laws that require dog owners/walkers to pick up after their dogs. Pooper scooper bags come in all shapes sizes and colors. There are the standard blues ones that fit in a  holder that attaches to the dog’s leash. There are large mitt shaped ones, there are biodegradable FlushPuppiesones, there are scented ones, there are elaborate devices designed to reduce bending while scooping poop, and on the other end of the spectrum there are people recycling plastic supermarket bags or using old fashioned fold over sandwich bags. Regardless of what you decide to use to pick up after your dog, disposing of the packet of poo can sometimes be an issue.

How many times have you walked your dog only to have them poop in a spot where there is no trash bin, and even worse no trash bin between the spot and your house? Thinking about tossing it in the trash can in your kitchen? Do this once and you’ll never do it again. So what can a dog walker do? If walking your dog only in a route that takes you past a few trash barrels is not possible, or incredibly boring for you and your dog, then maybe you should consider Flush Puppies. These bags are not only biodegradable, but also water soluble making it possible to flush them down your toilet. If you live in Boston you can buy them at Four Preppy Paws on Beacon Hill. If not you can find other retailers on the Flush Puppies web site, purchase them online at and the flush puppies web site. Another brand of biodegradable/flushable pooper scooper bags is Gotta Go-Green Flushable, Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags. These are also availble on

More Info:
Four Preppy Paws
103 Charles Street
Beacon Hill
Boston, MA

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