Even when you know up front that your relationship is only going to be short term, its hard not to get attached, hard not to fall in love, hard to say goodbye. This month I’ve got the goodbye blues. First it was Tigger, then Tex and Sipoh, and soon Milly. I’ve fallen in love with them all and am sad to see them move away.



When I started caring for Tigger last year his owner told me that she was in a long distance relationship and that eventually she expected to move to Virginia. So when she told me last month that the time had come I wasn’t surprised, just disappointed.

You see up until her last vacation Tigger had been a bit standoffish. A cat with kidney disease, he depended on me not only for food, water and litter box cleaning, but also for his meds. Usually when I arrived he would be under the bed, and when I picked up the dust ruffle to check on him he would look at me with disdain and hiss if I tried to pet him. I found that if I came to visit in the late afternoon or early evening when his mother was likely to come home from work he would come out to greet me. Unfortunately upon seeing I was not she, he would stop, turn around and go back under the bed or into the closet in her office where his carrying case made a cozy cocoon for sleeping.

Last month his mother went on vacation for a couple of weeks and much to my surprise on my first visit Tigger came out and spent time with me. He taught me that he liked to drink water from the kitchen faucet but couldn’t get to it without my help. He also let me pet and brush him, and occasionally came to sit next to me on the couch. I was so happy that he was finally interacting with me. That is until his mom gave me the news that there would only be one more visit before she moved. They are moving to Virginia where he will also have the company of a dog. I hope he’s happy there. I will miss him very much.

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