Little Red School House Plaque

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Are you sending your children off to school in a few weeks? Have you started to shop for all the things they will need for the new year? Having a check list is a great way to make sure you get all the things they don’t already have be it new shoes or a new computer.

If your child will be attending a school that has a set dress code then you’ll need to find out what it is. School uniforms take a lot of the headache out of shopping for clothes, but dress codes aren’t only about uniforms.You’ve probably heard that many schools are banning Silly Bandz and their imitators because of the distraction they cause in the classroom. Are there other items that your kids aren’t allowed to bring to school? Are there specific types of clothing that are labeled as inappropriate? A lot will depend on the age of your child. The list of what’s banned for high school students in Scranton, PA includes some of the most popular and trendy items in the stores for back-to-school shopping. Scholastic Magazine provides a clothing checklist of its own that you can use as a guideline and adjust to your child and your budget.

Okay so now that we’ve covered clothing, let’s talk about school supplies. Make sure you know what your child needs versus what they want. Its fine to give them what they want if you can afford it, but first you want to make sure they have what they need. You may also want to stick to plain versions over fancy versions of an item so as not to distract your child and those around her in the classroom. Greatschools provides three excellent school supply lists:

Once again, you’ll want to review these lists with your child’s school to make sure there aren’t any additional items required by the school.

When your child gets to college its unlikely there will be a dress code imposed by the school. Your shopping list will vary depending on whether your child will be living at home, in a dorm or off campus.

To get an idea of what’s needed for Dorm living check out Dorm 101: Must-Haves for Dorm Room Organization. If you already have a checklist and are looking for specific product recommendations then check out these postings from Good Morning America :

Everyone is looking to send their kids back to school as economically as possible. In addition to keeping an eye out for back to school sales, here are some ideas on how to get more for less: