Are you tired, stressed, always pressed for time? Well you’re not alone. In fact so many people feel the same way that Oct 24 has been Big Bendesignated as Take Back Your Time day.  Take Back Your Time is a combined US/Canadian campaign to influence public policy with respect to the work place. The campaign promotes the idea of increased productivity through healthier happier less stressed workers. The over arching goal is to gain more free time for people to relax and to do the things they enjoy. Here are the objectives:

  • Guaranteed paid leave for all parents for the birth or adoption of a child.
  • A guarantee of at least one week of paid sick leave for all workers.
  • A guarantee of at least three weeks of paid annual vacation leave for all workers.
  • A limit on the amount of compulsory overtime work that an employer can impose.
  • Making Election Day a holiday.
  • Making it easier for Americans to choose part-time work.

Until these goals are reached giving you the time your need to accomplish all your personal tasks and enjoy time with your family & friends, we at Hands of Time are here to help. We can give you back time by helping to do those necessary tasks that keep the wheels turning at your home. These could include things like:

  • grocery shopping
  • setting up appointments
  • making travel arrangements
  • purchasing, wrapping and shipping/delivering gifts
  • taking donations to goodwill

We can also help you with time consuming projects like:

  • organizing closets
  • moving prep
  • home repair
  • event planning