Today I lost a dear friend, his name was Oscar. I met Oscar and his siblings 2 years ago. Oscar had 5 siblings, and although he wasn’t the oldest and wasn’t related by blood to the others, he was definitely the man of the house – the one the others looked to for love and security.

Oscar’s owner traveled for work quite a bit. In fact I cared for Oscar and his siblings about 4 days a week for 18 months. Oscar was always up for hugs and kisses. Sylvester is the playful one and will tolerate a hug or two, but it was Oscar who was truly affectionate. Oscar also made it possible for me to pet some of his other skittish siblings – Mike, Mona and Zelda.

Oscar and Zelda

Zelda is actually mother to Mike, Mona and Sylvester. Zelda and Mona like to play as much as any cat and will chase a laser light or a dancing ribbon, but neither of them would let me pet them. That is, unless Oscar was around. Many times while I was was petting Oscar Zelda or Mona would come over and rub up against Oscar. He in turn would lick them. It was these times when they would come right next to me, that I could pet them without them feeling scared and running away.

I cared for them this week while their owner was away for a couple of days. Oscar was not sitting in the parlor window when I arrived, and wasn’t at the front door with Sylvester when I opened it, sadly Oscar was in the hospital.The house seemed empty even tough Sylvester, Shana, Mike, Mona and Zelda were there.

Sylvester and Oscar

Oscar was 16 years old much loved by his owner, myself, his brothers, and sisters. An indication of what a sweetie he was; his owner told me “It took the vet almost 20 minutes to get Oscar to the room where I was waiting because so many of the staff were lining up to kiss and hug him good-bye”.

Dear Oscar, you will be missed by us all. I wish that I too had a chance to give you one last hug and kiss, but it was not to be.