Cat owners do a lot of things to keep litter from being tracked all over their homes, from trying different brands of litter that promise to clump better and track less, to keeping a dust pan and brush next to the litter box for quick sweeps. Many cat owners also put mats next to the entrance of covered litter boxes so that their cat will “wipe their paws” as they exit the box. Unfortunately some cats dislike these mats and will circumvent them when leaving their litter box, making them ineffective. Of course if you’ve trained your cat to use the toilet bowl then you’ve found the ideal solution, but I’ve yet to care for a cat that uses the toilet instead of a litter box so I’m guessing this isn’t very common.

I’ve cleaned many litter boxes in my life. First the ones my cats used, and now the litter boxes my clients’ cats use. I’ve seen litter boxes in many shapes and sizes, with covers and with out, those requiring cleaning, those that are self cleaning, but none of my clients have ever had a litter box with the entrance on top of the box. This style of litter box came to my attention via the Gilt Groupe, a membership based discount shopping “club” that started out selling women’s clothing and branched out into the men’s, kid’s and home market. Yesterday I opened my daily email to see the Modkat, a stylish litter box with the opening on the top. It’s got a lot of nifty features, but yikes, even through Gilt it was going for $108 (full retail is $180).

What I really like about this style of box is that it eliminates over the edge mess, as does a covered litter box. But $100+? So I searched the net and found a less expensive version of the “top loading” litter box. The Clevercat Litter Box also sports an opening in the top and a built in mat for catching litter from an exiting cat’s paws. Unlike the Modkat, Clevercat doesn’t come with a reusable liner or a scoop, but liners to fit are available for purchase. The Clevercat is functional, not stylish and sexy like the Modkat, but a fraction of the price.

So would you spend the extra money to have a stylish, sexy litter box that you could match to your decor, or does price trump style?