Automotive themed gift basket

Automotive themed gift basket

When you hear the words gift basket what comes to mind? Is it a basket of fruit or gourmet goodies? Maybe its a basket of bath and body products. We give gift baskets for all sorts of reasons at all times of the year. We give them for birthdays, Christmas, as get well gifts, for a baby shower, and more.

Most gift baskets tend to be somewhat generic and impersonal, but they don’t have to be. Recently I received a call from someone wanting to have an automotive themed gift basket delivered to a friend in the hospital. She didn’t think an automotive supply store would pull together an assortment of products and deliver it, so she called me. We discussed some of the items that could be included, set an upper limit of $40 for the gift, she suggested putting the items in a bucket, and instead of including a card, she requested a gift tag. The resulting gift basket is pictured above. It was a clever idea, and the recipient of the gift really appreciated the thought.

Here are some other gift basket ideas you can easily pull together yourself:

For a gardener you could use a decorative flower pot in place of a basket. Add a trowel and pruners along with gardening gloves and packets of seeds. Maybe even fold up and tuck in a packable hat to keep the sun off the gardener’s head and face. You can put this together in less than an hour by visiting a local gardening center.

For a golfing buddy you can replace the basket with a golf ball bucket and fill it with golf accessories. Some items that come to mind are: golf balls, tees, golf head covers, a golf towel, a divot tool, you get the idea.

For a teenager just starting to wear makeup, find a pretty makeup bag that enables you to include various brushes, eye and lip products in a decorative way. If you use a bag with a zipper, leave the zipper open so that the brushes, eye and lip pencils can stick out through the top of the bag. Do you know what scent she likes to wear? Include that as well, along with makeup remover and her favorite hair product.

Other gift receptacles that evoke a theme are toolboxes, fishing tackle boxes, and ice buckets.

These are some of my ideas for gift baskets, I’d love to hear some of yours.

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