MoneyHave you changed the way you pay for purchases in the past few years? A lot has been made about how we should be paying with cash instead of using our credit cards. I think that makes sense if you have a tendency to run them up without having the funds to pay them off each month. I’ve always been good about only charging what I could pay for, so I continue to use my credit cards. I also find it to be a useful way to track where my money is going. I use my credit cards for almost everything and usually only have a few dollars in cash on me at any given time.

Another trend is to pay bills on-line, making paper checks or check books unnecessary. I even think that checkbooks are becoming something of an anachronism. So imagine my surprise when I went to park my car at the garage at One Broadway in Cambridge and discovered they only took cash or checks. Really? This must be the only garage in Greater Boston that doesn’t take credit cards. And just today I tried to purchase bagels and a challah at Rosenfeld’s in Newton Centre only to be told that they take only cash or checks. Really??? Too bad, because I just happened to be driving by and decided to stop on impulse. That’s a sale they lost. Oh, and a sign on the door would have been helpful as well.

I realize that credit card companies charge a fee, but a busy garage and a bakery with the reputation of Rosenfeld’s can surely afford to take credit cards.  I wonder how many customers actually pay by check. How do you pay for your purchases?