Messy Closet


As the new year begins many people resolve to be more organized. A new year, a new beginning can mean sweeping out the old and ushering in the new. New ways of thinking about things; new ways of arranging furniture, closets, drawers; new ways of organizing your your life.

Maybe you just need to organize a chest of drawers or a closet. Maybe you need to organize a room. The first step in any organizing project is editing. By editing I mean working through what you have and sorting it into three groups. There should be a group of items to toss, a group to give away/donate, a group of items to keep.

Once you’ve completed the editing process think about how you use the things you will be keeping and develop a plan. Those things that you use most often should be within easy reach when you open a draw or closet, and like items should be kept together. When organizing a group of draws or closets in a room the size or shape of the items kept there may dictate which draws or closets they get stored in, but in general items should be stored near where they will be used most often.

Now that you know what you have and where you will put it, look at the draw, closet or room and to see if you have the receptacles you need to contain your things. The closet may have shelves or cubbies as seen in the After photo, but if some of your items are small it could be difficult to keep the shelves neat if these items are left standing on their own. You also might not get maximum use of the available space that way. The same can be true when storing items in draws.


There are many ways to store these smaller items — tools in a tools chest; spaces in a space rack that sits on a counter, in a closet, in a draw; shoe racks and other specialized cabinets and constructs for shoes. When organizing draws you can find drawer organizers for craft items, lingerie, cutlery, and many other items  in places like Bed Bath & Beyond, The Container Store, Home Depot, among others. You might even have some storage containers that you can re-purpose. If you’re crafty you may even be able to create storage items for your home at a fraction of what they would cost to buy.

Of course closets can be totally customized to your needs. Some custom closet companies also have other organizational products like desks and cabinets for a home office, or shelving systems for your pantry. You can use companies like California Closets who will come to your home, work out what you need and install everything. You can also figure out what you need on your own, take your measurements and do the installation your self. If you choose to do the latter, look at options from companies like EasyClosets. Want to mix it up by doing it yourself with some help from a professional? Check out  The Container Store.