Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away, are you going to be one of those people who buy flowers or a box of chocolates? Or maybe you’ll go a step further and make a reservation at your loved one’s favorite restaurant. Instead why not do something more lasting, something that will create a wonderful memory; why not plan a romantic weekend away?

This getaway can be simple or elaborate, near to home or far away. Maybe its only a romantic weekend in a local hotel. Here in the Northeast the weather has finally turned to winter with snow on the ground and bitter cold temperatures. This is could the weekend you combine romance and a winter-warmup getaway to the islands, to Hawaii, to anywhere that’s warmer than here. If instead you don’t mind the cold and have been waiting for the snow to fall, maybe your romantic getaway will be a weekend on the slopes. Which ever you choose, make it romantic, make it fun, make it memorable.