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Messy closet shelves

Is this your closet?

Let’s face it. As women we always want more clothes and shoes than our closets have room for, or do we? Could it be that there’s plenty of room for our sweaters in that antique armoire you covet, on the shelves in your closet or the draws in your dresser?

Life is hectic. We scramble to get dressed in the morning. We rummage through our draws and closets when packing for a trip, and we don’t always put things away as well as we could. Sometimes this results in a messy closet or dresser, other times it just means we appear to have less space than we actually do. In the picture above, the shelves look messy, but the sweaters are actually neatly folded and piled askew rather than just tossed onto the shelves in a haphazard way. The end result is that they take up more room than really needed, it’s not always easy to see what’s there, and the sweaters can end up more creased than if they had been neatly folded.

So what’s the best way to fold a sweater? The goal is to fold each sweater in such a way that it takes up approximately the same amount of space on a shelf and lies evenly across the entire sweater. Here’s what I recommend:

First lie the sweater face down on a smooth surface. Fold back each sleeve, one over the other.

Next fold back each side until they almost or totally meet each other. How far you fold back the sides will depend on the size of the garment and the neckline in the front of it.

The last step is to fold up the bottom of the sweater. Typically you would fold the sweater in half. However depending on the length of the sweater and/or the depth of your storage space, you may need to fold the sweater in thirds. For short sweaters, especially bulky ones, you should just fold the bottom up a couple of inches.

If your sweater has short sleeves you can fold it using the same procedure.

For sweaters with cap sleeves simply fold back the side of the sweater until the sleeves meet.

Alternatively you can fold cap sleeve tops the same way as tank tops. Just fold them in half lengthwise and in half then again.

When folding turtlenecks, be sure to unroll the neck so that when they’re stacked they’ll lie flat.

So now that you’ve refolded all your sweaters its time to stack them. Turtlenecks with other turtlenecks, cardigans with other cardigans and so on. One caveat – don’t intersperse light weight tops with bulky tops as they won’t stack well and lightweight sweaters sandwiched between bulky sweaters tend to get hidden.

Now that everything has been refolded and properly stacked, all your sweaters are within easy reach and you can see that there’s still plenty of room to add more sweaters if desired.