Glass PumpkinLast year I noticed glass pumpkins in a local crafts store called Gifted. I thought them beautiful, clever and perfect for the season. The glass pumpkins they sell at Gifted are crafted by Luke Adams a local glass artist, and come in many colors and a couple of sizes. I hadn’t seen them before and thought this to be an original idea. Then last month M.I.T. created their Great Glass Pumpkin Patch. It turns out this is an annual installation of 1,000 glass pumpkins that they have been creating since 2001. It’s interesting to see how students studying science and engineering end up creating works of art. Glass blowing is not something I would have expected to be part of the curriculum at M.I.T.

Now suddenly I’m seeing glass pumpkins all over the place. The Daily Grommet is a site I visit sporadically to see what’s new and interesting. Tonight I went to the site and what did I see, glass pumpkins, this time by Aron Leaman. Both Aron and Luke are from Massachusetts so maybe this is a local phenomenom, and/or they were both influenced by the annual M.I.T. glass pumpkin patch. But wait …

There’s a Northwest Glass Pumpkin Patch created by Tacoma Glassblowing Studio. Then there’s Cohn-Stone Studios in California where they’re creating glass pumpkins, squash and fruit, and set up a glass pumpkin patch in October as well. Possibly the oldest glass pumpkin patch is created in the Bay Area by the Bay Area Glass Institute along with the Palo Alto Art Center Foundation and the Palo Alto Art Center. Their Great Glass Pumpkin Patch is in its 17th year.

While the glass pumpkin patch events have passed, glass pumpkins are still available for purchase directly from the artists mentioned above, from craft and gift stores around the country, and online. They make lovely gifts for anyone who appreciates hand blown glass, and they also make wonderful center pieces for a holiday table. Here are some other artists making glass pumpkins around the country: