Mother & DaughterSadly I no longer get to celebrate Mother’s Day. I have no children of my own and my mother passed away a few years ago. Having said that, I have fond memories of the Mother’s Days we celebrated in the past. I can remember as a child picking out cards with raised sachets set in the cover (all the vogue in those days), and going with my father to purchase her favorite perfume Evening in Paris. Later on as a young adult, I remember celebrating by going out to dinner; my mother, father, sister and me.

Eventually I moved from New York City to Boston and going back on Mother’s Day wasn’t always possible. Of course there were cards, gifts and phone calls to tell her I loved her. The last Mother’s Day celebration I remember vividly (not the last we shared) was after my father passed away and my mother was in her 80’s. My sister and I took her out for lunch and then headed to Lord & Taylor to take her shopping for a new outfit. After making our purchase we headed to the escalator. Unfortunately I mother had a misstep, tripped and badly scraped her leg. We ended up taking an ambulance ride to the emergency room where she was patched up and then sent home.

At the time it was stressful and an unfortunate ending to what had been a nice day. Now its a memory, and the part of the day prior to the accident is stronger than the accident and its aftermath. The following year I sent her another top to match the skirt we had bought that year. I can still see the skirt a flared white cotton with large blue and pink flowers on it.

I intended this post to be a gift giving guide, but in the writing it took on a life of its own. Rather than link to or list the material items you can purchase as Mother’s Day gifts I recommend only one – make a memory. Go to a play or concert, make her a fabulous home cooked meal, spend the day doing something she loves. These are the things that show her how much you love her, the things you will both look back on with fondness, the things that will make you smile when she’s gone.