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Original dining room table

English Gathering table in its previous location.

Traditionally when we think of organizing or reorganizing our living space we think about discarding things that don’t work and purchasing new things that work better for our current situation. However depending on why you are decluttering or re-organizing, you may have the option of re-purposing some of your belongings.

Last year I downsized from an 1100 sq ft apartment to an apartment that was only 768 sq feet. When I moved into my former apartment my dining room table was a tad to big for the width of my dining area, and then to long after I inherited by mother’s china cabinet. The table was a pine English gathering table that seated 8 people, and filled most of the allotted dining space in the apartment. When I knew I was moving I tried to sell the table but had no takers. It pained me to put it out as trash, and as I didn’t have a replacement for it yet, I moved it to my new apartment where it was a tight fit.

New Headboard

My new headboard

I also took with me a vintage treadle Singer sewing machine. I knew I didn’t have room for it in my new apartment. I had used it to hold books and photos previously, but I had devised a plan for using it in my new apartment. I decided that with very little work, the top of my English gathering table would make a really nice headboard for my bed. I would then discard the top of the sewing machine which was not in the best of shape, and put glass on top of the base to create a new dining table. Although I’ve yet to get the glass for my new table top; I’ve procrastinated a lot about the size it should be, I have created the headboard and am very happy with it.

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