Medicine CabinetBathroom vanities come in many configurations. Some have double sinks and lots of storage space, others are small with either double doors or many draws. In many bathrooms there’s a mirror over the sink but no medicine cabinet. If you own your home and need more storage space its possible to remove the mirror and replace it with a medicine cabinet. I have a client left the mirror over her vanity and had a medicine cabinet put in the opposite wall. In one apartment I lived in I replaced the vanity with a pedestal sink and hung a rather large cabinet on the opposite wall.

Two years ago I moved from a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment to a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. My new bathroom was almost as large as the larger of my previous 2 bathrooms and the new vanity was larger than each vanity in my previous 2 bathrooms, but I ended up not having a medicine cabinet. The new vanity was large, modern and it included a large drawer across the bottom. I wasn’t sure I could make it work. Where would I put my meds? What could I possibly put in a large, not very deep draw?


As you can see from the image above, eventually I made it work. I had two wooden crates that I was able to stack on the right side of the vanity. The top one held my meds, the bottom one held my hair blower, brushes and some hair products. In the draw I put things that could lie flat like my hair irons, and “backup stock” like Q-tips and cotton swabs. Eventually everything had a place and was in easy reach and I always knew where to find things.

0906151522In September I moved yet again, this time the bathroom is smaller, as is the vanity. Because the vanity is smaller it wasn’t possible to stack the crates in it. You can see in the image to the left that only one fits under the sink. While I was still able to fit everything in the vanity, I couldn’t see everything and a lot of things weren’t within easy reach. I needed new solutions.  Caddies for hair blowers are pretty common. Some sit on the top of the vanity or the toilet tank, some hang on towels bars, but most hang on the vanity door. I settled on the last kind. One problem down, one to go.
When looking for storage solutions I tend to look all over rather than just at the obvious. In this case the obvious was to look only at bathroom storage products. While I did look there, I eventually found a good solution among the kitchen storage products. Again I settled on something I could hang over the vanity door. Its a simple rectangular basket designed for storing wrap products. In this basket I keep brushes, hair products and my hair irons. Now when I go to my vanity I can see everything and easily pull out what I need.