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As I look through the catalogs that arrive in my mailbox each day along with a survey of what’s new and interesting on the internet, I see that our love affair with dogs and cats know no bounds. There always seems to be new, fun and useful things available to make caring for our pets easier and to make our dogs and cats happier.

Chances are if you walk a dog in the warmer weather you take water to give your dog should he get thirsty. Travelling water bottles and bowls come in many designs. There are collapsible bowls that you can pour water into. Your dog drinks what she wants, you spill out the rest and collapse the bowl for easy carrying. There are bottles that have bowls that fold and unfold. Unfold the bowl, pull out the bottle stopper to fill it with water. Your dog takes a drink and you either spill out the rest or it flows back into the bowl when you fold it up again. Thumbing through the catalog for Uncommon Goods I saw a Dog Water Bowl Bottle I’d not seen before, and thought the design was clever. The bowl sits on top of the water bottle which you squeeze to fill the bowl with water. Your dog quenches his thirst, you release your fingers and the rest of the water flows back into the bottle. This is a great gift for your dog walker.

The Grommet is a fun site for finding unique items. They have quite a few that I like, but here I’m going to highlight products from Messy Mutt. The Dog Double Feeder Bowl has two stainless steel bowls that sit in a silicone base with a raised lip designed to catch stray food. The silicone base makes it slip resistant on smooth floors. There’s also a Cat/Tea Cup Dog Double Feeder. I have a client with a very messy cat and I think this would be a wonderful gift for Mittens.

Zeus and Samira

Bow ties have become quite stylish for both dogs and cats in the past few years. While coats and rain gear are considered necessities by some, bow ties are a way for your pet to make a fashion statement while hanging out at home. Bow ties come in a variety of styles and are available at many price points. Some bow ties specifically designed for cats also have a bell. Not a bow tie fan? Doggie neck ties are also available. These make fun stocking stuffers for anyone living with a dog or cat.

Dogs have beds, cats have caves. As a past cat owner myself, it never occurred to me to get a bed for my cats. I’ll bet it hasn’t occurred to most of you as well. Most cats just hang out on a bed or a favorite chair. Some even prefer the floor. However, most cats like to find a spot in their home where they aren’t seem, but can spy on everything around them. That’s where cat caves come into the picture. Do you know a cat that would love to receive a cat cave as a holiday gift?