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As I write this its hard to know which activities will be available on June 21, or which activities your father will feel comfortable participating in. Right now, Massachusetts is just starting its phase 2 re-opening plan. In a normal year you might be planning a Father’s Day brunch in his favorite restaurant. Or maybe you’d be taking him to the ball park to enjoy a double header, or sending him out to play 18 holes with some friends. This year will likely be different.

»So here’s some news if your father is a golfer: Golf courses are open and have been since May 7th. However, this may be a hot ticket on Father’s Day and getting a tee time could be difficult. An alternative – if you have a backyard you can surprise him by setting up a a little golfing for him there.

There are many elaborate and expensive ways to put a small golf course in your backyard depending on the space available, but here’s a D.Y.I method for creating a golf hole that can be replicated multiple times depending on how many holes you have space for. This video demonstrates a D.Y.I. 6 hole backyard golf course which should give you some layout ideas.

If neither of these are an option there are golf games to play if you’ve got a wii or the weather isn’t cooperative that day.

» Does your father enjoy fishing? Fresh and saltwater fishing is open in Massachusetts and it could be a fun way for your family to spend the day. If you’re not sure where to go or if you’ll need a permit, go to the Division of Fisheries web site for more information.

» I think a day at the ballpark is not going to happen this year. It’s likely the season won’t open until after Father’s Day and even then, its doubtful fans will be sitting in the stands once the season does start. Instead, gather around your smart device and stream a classic game together. Head over to the MLB Classic Games Channel on YouTube for a great selection.

» And now to brunch …will his favorite brunch place be open? Possibly. However since seating will be limited you may not be able to get a reservation. So instead, make his favorite brunch for him at home. Make it special by having the kids help with the cooking, and set the table with your best linens and dishes. Follow this with a family game day. Whether it’s monopoly, completing a crossword puzzle or jigsaw puzzle together, or interacting with a game on your wii, doing it as a family will make the day special.