Photo by David Edkins on Unsplash

A holiday that has always been filled with fun and candy now is fraught with anxiety for many. Although the Governor is not placing a state-wide ban on Halloween activities, in some cities and towns certain Halloween events are banned. Worcester and Springfield have banned Trick-Or-Treating. In a poll conducted by Boston.com, 50% of respondents deemed it to be too risky.

If you were planning to go to Salem to celebrate Halloween, you’ll find that many events have been cancelled or scaled back. Check Salem Haunted Happenings before heading out.

There are some clever ways to distribute candy in a contact free manner, like this candy chute , but if you build it will the neighbors let their kids come by for a treat? There are other contact free ways to distribute candy, but again, how comfortable will your neighbors be about letting their children trick-or-treat this year? A lot may depend on the transmission rates in your community.

So what can you do to celebrate Halloween this year? Even if you can’t take the kids trick-or-treating, or you can’t party hearty with your friends, there’s still plenty you can do to celebrate the holiday.

  • Host a virtual costume contest
  • Host a virtual pumpkin carving contest
  • Have an outdoor socially distanced costume parade
  • Plan a family scary movie night
  • Have a backyard? Camp out under the stars and tell ghost stories
  • Hold a family in-house/backyard scavenger hunt
  • Decorate the outside of your house
  • Walk/drive around your neighborhood and check out the decorations

Have fun and stay safe.