There are many time management techniques and systems used to maximize productivity, to have quality down time. Here’s the thing –

You need to decide on what’s most important to you, when things should get done, who will do the things that need to be done, and you need to decide that you’re going to create a plan and follow it.

I know that life happens and plans don’t always work out exactly as outlined, but without a plan you’ll always be scrambling to get things done and still have time to relax.

Last year was unique and gave me the opportunity to complete some long held goals that I hadn’t had time for in the past. After such intense focus, I found it hard to get day to day things done on a regular basis. I let things that I enjoyed doing overwhelm my schedule and saw things I NEEDED TODO fall behind.

My Solution for 2021 is to commit to a time management strategy by making concrete plans and creating a schedule. At the beginning of each week I ask myself: what meetings do I have; what needed to get done the prior week but didn’t; what new things need to get done this week? From these answers I create my weekly schedule, setting up tasks by day and then chunking them into time slots. I also set alerts to remind myself when its time to start working on a different task or attend a meeting.

I use Trello to implement my time management plan, but you can easily set this up in your calendar or by using a paper based planner. Setting up alerts is really important if like me you tend to get engrossed in a task and lose track of time. If you use a paper based planner, having it open on your desk at all times will enable you to glance at it regularly to see if you’re on track for the day or if some things need to be moved.

Is this 100% fool proof? Well life happens and sometimes new priorities get in the way of completing a scheduled task. Or, you find you haven’t allotted enough time to get something done making it necessary to put off something else on your schedule.

Reviewing your success at the end of the week will tell you what needs to be rescheduled for the following week along with anything else you’re planning to schedule.

Hope this helps. Tell me in the comments how you stay on track with your todo list.

Photo Credit: Nicole