Event Planning Considerations



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This bowl of ramen looks yummy doesn’t it? But wait …

If you’re planning an event and menu items are limited and changes can’t be made on the fly, you may not want to include this dish.

Why? Because shellfish and eggs are 2 of the most common food allergies. The others are:

⏩ Soybeans
⏩ Peanuts
⏩ Milk
⏩ Wheat
⏩ Fish (bass, flounder and cod)
⏩ Tree nuts (almonds, walnuts and pecans)
⏩ Peanuts

and that’s not all that needs to be considered.

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Organizing – to put in storage or not


If you have a storage unit, haven't been there in 20 years, its time to get rid of everything!

This is conventional wisdom, but are there exceptions?

Recently I was talking to someone who was setting up a second home in the burbs while keeping his condo in the city. He needed to furnish the home and told me that he had gone to a storage unit that he’s had for 20 years uncertain of what he would find.

To his surprise and delight he found treasures – art work, furniture, etc. I don’t know why the items were originally put in storage. Maybe there was a divorce or death in the family. Maybe the original move into the city meant downsizing. Whatever the reason the contents of the house (he’s owned it but not lived in it for many years) were put in storage.

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